Before I started seeing Sophie I suffered with stress and felt anxious all the time.  The hypnotherapy I have received has helped me get myself back on track and made me feel so much more positive about life in  general.  I am also sleeping so much better now.  Thank you Sophie.

Hypnotherapy – Steve

Sophie was extremely professional, friendly and had a calming influence which immediately put me at ease.

At the preliminary chat I was able to discuss my needs and set my intent for the session in order to help me progress in my healing and shift the feeling of negativity I had been carrying around for a while.

As I lay on the couch I went into deep relaxation and calm and felt harmony being restored.

Since seeing Sophie I feel more at peace, sleep so much better and once again feel positive after having gone through a toxic relationship.

I am forever grateful to Sophie for helping me restore harmony back into my life.

Pippa – Reiki 

I found Sophie to be a very thorough and conscientious practitioner.

I felt completely relaxed and at ease because of her reassuring confident manner.  She took a detailed history before the first treatment and asked knowledgeable questions which gave me confidence in her as a practitioner.

The treatment itself was beneficial to my emotional health as well as improving my physical symptoms.

I would happily recommend Sophie to anyone looking for Reiki.

Sta – Reiki 

After being treated for breast cancer I was advised to have some sort of pampering to ease stress and help me feel good about myself.  I opted for Reflexology and have never looked back.

I have had it now for 13 years from Sophie, a very professional practitioner.  She is kind, sympathetic and a very good listener, should you need one.

For 10 weeks I had a treatment once a week but thereafter I have had one once a month as I feel it keeps me balanced and helps with my well-being.

If Reflexology is for you then I would fully recommend Sophie.

Sue – Reflexology 

I have been receiving sessions from Sophie for more than 5 years, mainly Reflexology but I have also tried Reiki.

I suffer chronic pain from arthritis and Sophie’s sessions offer me welcome relief from my symptoms.

She is always entirely professional in approach, sympathetic and caring.  She can often tell during reflexology sessions where I am feeling pain without me telling her in advance, just from her manipulation of my feet.

I wholeheartedly endorse her as a practitioner and recommend her to other clients, friends and family.

Mrs B – Reflexology 

The Reflexology sessions I have had from Sophie have been a very therapeutic and relaxing experience.

My feet are feeling more flexible, I have more energy and a good sense of general wellbeing.

Definitely recommended.

Patricia – Reflexology

A big thank you to Sophie for the hypnotherapy I have received over the last few months.  Before hypnotherapy I was exhausted and could not sleep due to stress and anxiety.  Now I feel less tired, have more energy, feel calmer and relaxed and sleeping better.  I am very grateful.

Marie – Hypnotherapy

I have recently had a Reflexology session with Sophie for sinus pain and neck pain.  It was a deeply relaxing experience, Sophie was warm and welcoming and made me feel like a princess.  By the next day my sinuses were much clearer and my neck pain had eased.  I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough.  Reflexology is a great treatment for all-round wellbeing and we should all be taking better care of ourselves with the help of experienced therapists.  I’m also looking forward to having a Reiki session with Sophie soon.

Jayne – Reflexology 

Sophie is a brilliant reflexologist.  She has a very healing and grounding energy which helps to relax me.  She uses just the right amount of pressure and I always feel relaxed and healed after a session.  She’s also very friendly and kind.

Fliss – Reflexology 

I have had a series of treatments from Sophie.  What most impressed me was that the benefits were instant and they didn’t disappear but built up with each following treatment.

As a result I have much more flexibility in my joints than before.  This enables me to maintain my own physical health more successfully.

Asantasia – Reflexology