Today I am not angry

Today I am going to write about the first Reiki affirmation “Today I am not angry.”

What exactly is anger.  For me personally, when I have felt anger in the past, before finding Reiki, it was like an overwhelming feeling of rage about a situation that would quite often fester for days and sometimes even weeks afterwards.

We all re-act to anger in different ways.  Some of us retaliate immediately whilst others do nothing but let their thoughts fester indefinitely.

The emotional reaction of anger will have an impact on the physical body.  For example an increase in the heart rate, raised blood pressure and increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.  This is great if we are fighting dragons but not so good to experience anger on a daily basis.  Anger can have a negative impact on health and below are some of the ways in which it can affect our well-being:

  •  not good for your heart
  •  repressed anger can lead to heart disease
  • may weaken your immune system
  • may make your anxiety worse
  • may lead to depression

So how can we best deal with anger.

One thing we could all do, upon waking, is say to ourselves “For today I am not angry.”  Whatever you are going through, being angry will not help the situation and nor will it be good for your well-being.  By staying calm you are able to deal with whatever it is so much better.  When we are in an angry state  we cannot think clearly so next time you are feeling like a pressure cooker remember “For today I am not angry.”  Your mind, body and soul will feel much better for it.

There are other ways of helping you keep anger at bay and that is exercise.  It doesn’t mean that you have to pay an annual subscription to your local gym and pound the treadmill.  That is the beauty of exercise because it can take many forms.  Walking is an excellent form of exercise and even a 20 minute walk will have a positive effect.  Gardening is also an enjoyable form of exercise especially if you like being out in nature.  The most important thing about the exercise that you choose to do is that you enjoy it.  It has been proven that exercise increases brain cells which is another positive.

Another way is to listen to your favourite music which will raise your spirits and, if you feel so inclined, dance like no-one is watching.

So next time you feel yourself getting angry just stop for a moment and say to yourself “Today I am not angry.”